Whether you need a statement piece that captures guests’ attention or a functional design that maximizes space, Custom Carpenter, provides tailored solutions. Each staircase is custom-designed to meet the specific architectural and aesthetic needs of your home, ranging from grand, sweeping staircases for traditional settings to compact, space-saving designs for modern homes. We offer:

Floating staircases

Zigzag staircases

Closed treads staircases

Central spine staircases

We utilize the latest in staircase technology and materials to ensure durability and safety. This includes advanced joinery techniques like dovetail and mortise and tenon joints that provide strong and secure connections. Our choice of materials spans from rich hardwoods such as oak and walnut to contemporary options like glass and metal, each selected for its quality and impact on the overall design.

Our staircases can be finished with a variety of treatments to enhance their appearance and longevity. Options include natural wood stains that emphasize the grain and character of the wood, sleek varnishes for a modern look, or painted finishes in any color to match your home’s decor. Each finish is carefully applied to resist wear and environmental factors, maintaining the staircase’s beauty for years to come.